Our Vision is to cherish the longevity of our family and community through a pioneering spirit and by respecting our pristiine natural resources, as the Chippewa-Ojibwa translation of "Manitowish" guides us to honor the "spirits that lodge in our waters"

Our mission is to build a community where passion and purpose come together through our family heritage of growing cranberries.

We grow cranberries exclusively and proudly for Ocean Spray Cranberry Cranberries, Inc.  A grower-owned cooperative since 1930


Come stay with us May through September at:

Cranberry Leaf Compost For Sale

• Retains moisture
• Free of weed seeds
• PH neutral
• Great for bedding plants, perennial gardens, mulch or soil amendments.

• Plant right in it, or blend with topsoil.
• $20/yard (ten yard minimum for delivery)

Call: (715) 543-8466


EMAIL: E-mail davidjbartling@gmail.com


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